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Here is my latest publication.
Look familiar? That’s because the piece was previously published in the Freshwater Pearls Online Supplement, to which I referred you in an earlier blogpost. But there’s the thing. I really believe in this piece. I read several books about Wolfe, the Battel on the Plains of Abraham, and the period in British, European and inchoate Canadian history before I wrote that piece. More importantly, I read many letters written both by and to Wolfe, which have somehow been preserved. The piece had its genesis in a visit to the Museum of Civilization in which I found a possible quote from Wolfe, in which he said he would rather have write a great poem than win a great battle–or words to that effect. Turns out the quote may or may not be authentic. But I became fascinated with Wolfe as a person, and that is what led to my research. By doing so much reading, imagining, speculating, and especially ruminating on Wolfe’s own words, I was able to get into my version of his head. All that is led to my writing “General James Wolfe’s Last Letter to his Mother.” I hope I did justice to the real James Wolfe. And I honestly think I did. That is why I was so pleased to find The Copperfield Review, clearly a high-quality ezine, that was willing to consider publishing previously published work. I was very happy to hhave the work accepted by them, and I hope to reach even more readers with the piece when
my next book, a collection of flash fiction, comes out.

So if you have written a piece you really believe in, by all means, bring it to the widest possible audience. Sharing your best work is one of the most satisfying parts of the
writing life.