Summery Summary

With Labour Day approaching, it’s time for an update on the summer in my internal and external writing worlds. Mainly, I’ve been writing new pieces for my book-in-progress of flash fiction. I like the challenges presented in the creation of stories under 1000 words in length. Some days go easier than others, of course. On the whole, I find it hard to write but I enjoy having written. 🙂

Naomi K. Lewis and I have signed our contract with the University of Alberta Press for SHY: An Anthology. So excited about that project.

The Copperfield Review, an ezine that focuses on historical fiction, has published “General James Wolfe’s Last Letter to his Mother,” marking the second publication of the piece. I am happy about that.

In an effort to expand my horizons and move out of my comfort zone, I accepted an invitation to be a presenter at the When Words Collide conference, which is driven largely by the fantasy and science fiction community. Despite a lot of anticipatory anxiety, I’m glad I did it. I met a number of writers I didn’t know before and I am in awe of F&SF readers, who are extremely knowledgeable about the field. I felt welcome.

To finish off the summer, I will be reading this Sunday evening at Auburn Nights 2, an event conceived and organized by poet Kirk Ramdath. Erin Dingle will do a poetry reading and I will read my short story “They talk with their mouths closed like people should.”