Catching up

It’s been some time since I posted to this page. My apologies. I guess I’m not familiar or comfortable enough with communicating this way, so I appreciate your patience. In any case, here’s what I’ve been up to. Working on the new book, and debating whether to refer to the form I am working in as flash fiction or microfiction. I kind of like the sound of “microfiction” as has a scientific ring to it, and I do admire science even though I know so little of it. Last week I finished up a 96-word story, my shortest ever. So far.

What else? Montreal Night went smashingly. Through the power of imagination, we transformed the Calgary street corner on which Shelf Life  Books is located to a street corner in Montreal. The audience got to choose; they selected the southeast corner of Sherbrooke and Guy, looking up the hill. So that’s where we spent the balance of the evening. It was a real pleasure working with Julie Sedivy, Barbara Schleifer and Susan Calder, all of whom read with gusto and sensitivity. Now I am looking forward to Writing In The Works 5, coming up on March 10th. And after that, a hiatus from event organizing.

On the editing front (i.e. editing for other folks), in recent months I’ve edited one novel, copy-edited another novel  and edited Steps to Nowhere,  a non-fiction book. Steps to Nowhere, by Eleanor King Byers, will be out in May. It is a moving work and I may write of it more in these pages.

Naomi and I have submitted the shyness anthology to the prospective publisher. Now we wait.