Shyness Anthology FAQ

My co-editor Naomi K. Lewis and I have drawn up these answers in response to the questions that keep popping up from prospective contributors:

What kind of work will be included in Shy?
The anthology will include personal essays, personal poetry, and visual art that explores the experience of shyness.
How long can my personal essay be?
Maximum: 5000 words. No minimum.
How many poems may I send?
Please send up to five poems.
How many drawings or photographs may I send?
Up to five.
May I send a comic (words and drawings)?
Yes, definitely – as long as it depicts a nonfiction story about your experience of shyness.
May I send a short story that deals with shyness?
You may send a personal, nonfiction story about your experience of shyness, but we are not accepting fiction for this project.
May I send an academic or journalistic essay or article about shyness? 
Personal essays may include journalistic or academic elements, but should focus on the writer’s personal experience of shyness.
What is the deadline for submitting work to Shy?
September 15, 2011.
Where should I send my essay, poetry or visual art?
Please email a Word-compatible file to
What is the anthology’s target audience?
We will direct the book to a general adult audience. We think the book will appeal not only to people who perceive themselves as shy, but to all readers who seek a deeper understanding of human experience and appreciate good writing.
How explicitly must my submission address the topic of shyness?
Your work should show how shyness has touched your life in some capacity. Implicit reference to shyness is fine as long as that reference is not so obscure as to be indiscernible.
Who will read my submission? 
The editors, Naomi K. Lewis and Rona Altrows, will read every submission and decide which to include.
When will I find out if my work has been selected for the anthology? 
In late fall of 2011, the editors will contact everyone who has submitted work.   If my work is selected, will I be paid? Contributors will receive copies of the book, and we hope to provide an honorarium. We will publish more details here as soon as we can.
Who will publish Shy?
We will post details as soon as possible.
If my piece is published in Shy, who will own the copyright?
Contributors will retain copyright in their work.