At This Juncture

A Book of Letters

Alarmed that Canada Post keeps losing money, Ariadne Jensen, a woman in her fifties, pitches the CEO with a scheme to save the corporation: she will get people to start writing and mailing letters again. As an inspiration to others, Ariadne writes bundles of letters for all to see; some are historical fiction, while others are drawn from her own correspondence. Each letter itself tells a story, while together they form a bigger story—about Ariadne, her determination to set wrongs right, her sly humour, and her loyalty to her best friend Leo, a gay man in his early twenties—that leaves the reader of At This Juncture informed, educated and, most importantly, entertained.


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Some reviewers’ comments

“Enter At this Juncture with caution, because once inside you won’t want to leave. To enter this wildly imaginative, deeply humane book is akin to entering a universe of black holes that move between small intense worlds rich in intrigue, human suffering, humour and insight.”
-Roberta Rees, author of Long After Fathers

“Rona Altrows explores the art and importance of snail mail. Whether it’s well researched fictional letters between historical figures or the fictional protagonist’s efforts to create change through letters, it’s a challenging form of fun.”
-Fred Stenson, author of Who by Fire

A must-read for any analog devotee, Altrows’ ersatz (yet credible) epistolary historical exchanges are delightfully entertaining and highly edifying.”
– Sheryl Gordon, Writer and Curator of A Rewording Life

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