Photo by Jenny Tzanakos

Hello, and thank you for visiting.

If there is one thing that characterizes my career and life, it is luck.

I am a writer of fiction, essays about the art and craft of writing and other matters, plays, and the occasional topical song. I love the challenge of writing and nothing makes me happier than hearing from satisfied readers.  I often do, and that makes me lucky.

I’m lucky enough to have two books of short fiction,  A Run On Hose and Key In Lock. Both have been well received. My work has been published in a number of excellent journals, including Prairie Fire, The Malahat Review, and Ryga,  and online in Montreal Serai. I’ve had a little play produced by Image Theatre in Edmonton, Canada,  and my work has been produced on radio by the  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I am the recipient of my fair share of writing awards.  All that makes me feel lucky.  I have been writing  in earnest since 1994.

As an editor, I have worked both in-house and freelance. For many years I  have edited fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, legal and business documents, theses and scholarly papers. Lately I have curtailed my editing practice to make more time to write. Still, I am open to editing  projects that strike me as  interesting and promising. I love editing and few people get to do work they love. I am lucky.

In my personal life, luck has also been on my side. Enough said.