Key In Lock

A passion for humanity drives Rona Altrows’s Key In Lock. The people in these entertaining yet poignant stories wrestle with self-doubt, ethical dilemmas, money problems, health issues. Yet somehow they survive and sometimes they even thrive. Key In Lock also marks the return of Irene, the beloved manager-in-all-but-name of Marjorie’s Lingerie introduced in A Run On Hose. This time Irene takes on issues as diverse as dating later in life, the effect of childlessness on a person’s psyche, stress incontinence, and the love rituals of banana slugs. Irene also brings us tales of her youth in the days of the polio epidemic and Vincent Price movies.

Key in Lock is available through Pages on Kensington, Owl’s Nest Books and Shelf Life Books.

Some reviewers’ comments

“Rona Altrows is the first author since Chabon who repays a second read. Dammit, she’s good.”
-Aaron Rynd, MensaMag

“Altrows has impeccable timing and comedic spin and the dialogues are brilliant…Read all these stories…All are beautifully crafted and memorable.”
-Annie Vigna, The Calgary Beacon

“Almost any issue and any emotion that a woman experiences at some point in her life is touched upon in this wonderfully crafted collection of short stories.”
-Robin van Eck, Freefall Magazine

“Altrows’s stories are compact and wise, always first-person, full of introspection and humour.”
-Naomi K. Lewis, The Winnipeg Review